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Introduction to Text Links

Text Links are simply links on web pages which link to other web pages on the Internet. They include a title or anchor text as well as a URL which points to a specific web page on the Internet. An HTML example would be:

<a href="http:/" >Buy, Sell and Trade Text Links</a>

When included on a web page, the above example would look like:

Buy, Sell and Trade Text Links

In the example above "Buy, Sell and Trade Text Links" is the title or anchor text and this provides information about the web page. The URL "http:/" is the actual location of the web page on the Internet.

As you can imagine there are billions of text links on millions of web pages across the Internet. The importance is that they connect web pages to one another and provide an important way for search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and MSN) to determine the relevance and ranking of web pages.

For many search engines, each text link or backlink (as they are called when pointing to a particular web page) is considered "vote" for the web page they point to and the title or anchor text of the backlink is used to determine what keywords should be associataed with that web page within search engine rankings. In addition, the quality and popularity of the web page where the backlink is located increases the value or the "vote" for the web page to which it links.

While no one knows the exact algorithms used by search engines to determine rankings, most SEO experts agree that the number and quality of backlinks to your web page or web site are often critical in determining the ranking (SERP) of your web page or web site. In addition, the title or anchor text of your backlinks will often determine the keywords or search terms that you rank highly for.

Within the SEO industry, "link popularity" is the term often used to describe the number of backlinks to a specific web page or web site. The more backlinks a given web page has pointing to it, the more important that web page is considered to have. Most SEO experts agree that if you increase your link popularity, your search engine rankings will increase as well.

  1. In summary, you should consider these three items when trying to increase your search engine rankings (SERPs).
  2. Increasing the number of text links or backlinks to your web page or web site will provide higher SERPs.
  3. Having specific keywords or search terms in the title or anchor text of the backlinks pointing to your web page will increase the SERPs for that particular keyword or search term.
  4. Backlinks from web sites with high link popularity and existing backlinks are more valuable for SERPs than backlinks from lower quality web sites. help you achieve all items above by providing a service that allows webmasters of quality web sites to easily sell or buy text links.